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"In what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? In what grade do we just stop believing, period? I mean, someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone has to be a ballerina. Why not us?"

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Anonymous prompted: klaine trying to join sam’s celibacy club (and lasting like, two days)

"So you’re saying that in order to support the person who always ends up sex-blocking us anyway—"

"It’s called cockblocking, but continue," Blaine says quickly, letting out a surprised huff of breath when Kurt squeezes his ass for interrupting.

"—we should join his little abstinence club and give up sex altogether," Kurt finishes, deadpan.

"It’s only temporary, and I think it could really help with our- our self-control and, oh, Kurt, what are you—”

Kurt pulls back from pressing quick kisses over Blaine’s throat to say, “If we’re really doing this, then this is our last night of intimacy for a while, isn’t it?”

Blaine swallows, nodding. He expected more protesting, but then again, he’s not about to complain.

"Then you better rock my world, buddy,” Kurt growls, and Blaine just beams, letting Kurt roll them over so he can do just that.

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A new an improved video of Chris Colfer’s appearance on The Talk. Sorry about the sync issues with the first one!

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The many glorious faces of Chris Colfer


Just some random shots of Chris’s lovely family and friends who came out to support him yesterday at his Grove signing.

The last four pictures are Dot and Romy being silly and ridiculous; they had walked up with Ashley and Bridgett and all started flailing and jumping and screaming “Oh my god, it’s Chris Colfer!” and Romy pretended to swoon into Dot’s arms. Chris and Alla were laughing so hard and a security guard jokingly came up and told them to calm down or they’d need to leave. It was hilarious.

aplotkin716 One of us was obviously more excited than the other for this reunion. 😼 #Brian

aplotkin716 One of us was obviously more excited than the other for this reunion. 😼 #Brian

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TLOS and SBL combine!

Chris Colfer’s TLOS3 Live Chat (July 18, 2014)

hrhchriscolfer Happy Birthday to my favorite Babooshka, @aplotkin716!!! Yes, I’m responsible for that hat!
aplotkin716 Celebrating!!!!!!!!!! Birthday crown compliments of HRH! Repost: @hrhchriscolfer

hrhchriscolfer Happy Birthday to my favorite Babooshka, @aplotkin716!!! Yes, I’m responsible for that hat!

aplotkin716 Celebrating!!!!!!!!!! Birthday crown compliments of HRH! Repost: @hrhchriscolfer


Chris Colfer - July 16th, 2014 at The Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul, Minnesota

Meeting Chris in DC… 


First off, I just need to get this out of the way. ANASHDHDKFJFKSMFJANSJDJDJSKDKFJFKGJDJDKDJFJFLLSLFAK. Okay, thanks—I feel better.

I decided to ask Chris if he’s going to use a dialect coach for Noel, and he VERY excitedly told me he was working with someone now. (He was so enthusiastic—he told me her name, just in case I’m ever in the market for a dialect coach I guess.)

Now, Noel Coward had a really weird accent you guys—clipped and strange. Chris said, “I could do an English accent on my own but…”

I interrupted him (kind of rudely, by accident), “Noel had a really strange accent…”

He finished for me. “Yeah, it’s all weird and kinda choppy” We both made pointy finger motions in the air at the same time. (To illustrate the very peculiar, specific, way Noel spoke.)

Then he grinned and told me that my question was a good one. I smiled so wide, I thought my face was going to explode.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Chris has an unbelievably genuine way of really engaging with you as if you are the only person in the room. He’s charming, sweet, and an utter delight to talk with. I’m very grateful I’ve been able to meet him three times. He seems so happy and comfortable in his skin—it’s great to see. I hope TLOS3 does well, and look forward to the tour for TLOS4. :)


Here’s a super-cute story from the DC signing from someone who doesn’t have a Tumblr blog and who gave me permission to post it on mine - her five-year-old daughter made Chris a book! So here is her story:

"I need to give a little back story to make my experience at the book signing make sense. So I’ve been reading the books with my daughter this summer. She has been really riveted by the story. When I told her we were going to the book signing she was so so excited. (I let her watch the Glee performances and some of the scenes, like the proposal etc…so she knows and loves Kurt and now loves Chris for his books) This weekend she asked me if she could make a book for Chris. She made it all by herself (with some help with spelling from me and my husband) The book is about a little girl who lives in the board game Candy Land.

We were in the first group. The line was going really fast so I was a bit worried we would not really get a chance to explain the book to him. We got up to the front of the line and Ella right away just handed him the book. He said all excitedly “is this for me?” And Ella said yes. I told him that she had made this book for him and that it was about a girl who lives in the board game Candy Land. Then he looked right at her and said “you made this just for me?” and she said yes. And he looked at the book and pointed to a picture of the little girl my daughter drew on the first page and said “and this little girl lives in Candy Land? That was my favorite board game as a kid” Then he flipped through the pages and said “This is great!” then he looked right at her and said “I promise you I am going to read this book tonight!” Then he thanked her again.



It went by really fast but he certainly spent a little extra time with her and she will remember this forever. (so will I!) Chris is handsome on TV but he is even more handsome in person! I can’t emphasize enough how sweet he was with her. Just so very sweet.”